When There Are No Words

A friend or acquaintance has suffered a loss. It may be something tragically sudden and quite overwhelming. It may be an event, years in the making, yet still be a shock to the system. Whether sudden or slow, the loss can bring profound sadness.

When a family is experiencing loss, it is hard to know what to say. Often, words are not necessary… just your presence in this moment.

Show Compassion

You may opt to send a card of condolence or offer food to assist the family at this time. Now, you can offer something that will provide comfort for years to come.

Oaktags memorial pins show you know this loss is significant. They speak to the heart and offer emotional support to the grieving.

This symbol of ‘the mighty oak’ is relatable to everyone. In this age where we check our ancestry, everyone wants to feel connected to something bigger. Our small memorial pin does just that. We’ve designed it to be beautiful for a woman’s taste, yet handsome, for a man.

Offer one, in condolence, during a gathering, or tuck it into a sympathy card, to quietly share your support. Add it to a holiday card to comfort the sadness, in a season when others are joyful. We suggest recalling the good times of the past… “Next time you get to the ball game, take Dad with you” … “When you enjoy lunch at that sweet spot by the river, take Mom along”. These memorial pins have companioned their loved ones on graduation gowns, bridal attire, golf caps, handbags, motorcycle leathers and steering columns. Imagine where they might be found next.

When a family has need for someone during their time of trouble,

they look to someone who cares.

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