About Us

It started with a leaf, discovered on the sidewalk. Admiring tiny pin oak leaves scattered across the ground, I found this one. It looked like a hug.
We've turned it into a lapel pin that is lovely for a woman and handsome for a gentleman.

Worn in the funeral home, it helps visitors to know who the family is. Oftentimes, we know only one person; and that person may be the reason for the gathering. This is a discreet way to determine those to whom condolence should be offered. It is also a benefit to funeral home staff to identify those they are currently serving.

After the funeral, the family will enjoy wearing the pin as a reminder of their loved one. Many will choose to wear it daily, while others will save it for those special occasions. The pin will represent that family member's attendance, by showing up on graduation gowns, baseball caps and bridal bouquets. It has also been spotted on motorcycle leathers, pocketbooks and slapped into the steering column.

It is our hope that these pins will become as well-known as emblems, like the pink ribbon. When we see someone wearing one, we will know they have someone special on their heart. By simply stating,"I like your pin. Who does it represent?", we open a door for that person to say their loved one's name. 

Too often, we stop talking about the deceased after the funeral, believing it would bring pain. The truth is, the mere mention of the name brings healing, knowing that they are still alive in your thoughts, too.

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